Yara's tools for best fertilizer application! 
Management tools for small fields - High accuracy by considering variation from site to site

Hand-held tool for on-field determination of a crop's nitrogen requirement
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Software tools to get best fertilizer practice working on farmers fields
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Site-specific management tools - Increased accuracy by considering infield variation of optimum fertilizer demand

A tractor mounted sensing system to measure, calculate and apply the optimum amount of N on every spot on the field
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Yara N-Sensor® ALS

The N-Sensor® ALS (ActiveLightSource) is an active sensor with an own light source. The system is capable of detecting N-status and plant biomass of cropstands by measurements of light reflectance. The innovative, patented measuring technology of the N-Sensor® ALS enables variable rate fertilizer application on-the-go irrespective of ambient light conditions, i.e. 24 hours a day.
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Sensor Office

An internet application to display and convert data logged with the N-Sensor.
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